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Harvard-trained and a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Christopher Davidson is a known for his excellence in all types of plastic surgery, including: breast surgery, body contouring, facial rejuvenation and more. The combination of genuine compassion and exceptional surgical skill has contributed to Dr. Davidson’s many satisfied patients from Boston and the surrounding marketplaces. Dr. Davidson has a unique ability to achieve refreshed, natural looking results.

With his plastic surgery clinic located conveniently in Wellesley, MA just on the outskirts of Boston, both men and women come from all over to have their cosmetic goals obtained at this state-of-the-art surgery center.

Because his operating facilities are on location, Dr. Christopher Davidson is able to perform the majority of his procedures on an out-patient basis, while still upholding the highest possible standards of cleanliness and quality care for his patients.

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Breast Augmentation Surgery

Each year, board-certified plastic surgeons perform hundreds of thousands of breast augmentation surgeries, making breast augmentation with implants the most popular plastic surgery procedure performed in the United States. Breast implants can give women the fuller and more sensual figure they desire. The surgery is also helpful for women who have uneven or different shaped breasts.

Dr. Christopher Davidson is one of the most experienced and highly trained plastic surgeons performing breast augmentation surgery in the greater- Boston area. Whether small and large breast implants, saline or silicone, his goal is the same: to efficiently and safely provide a natural-looking breast enhancement for women.

Buttock Lift

For men and women who have lost a large amount of weight or simply a side effect of aging; having loose and sagging skin around the buttocks can affect a person’s self–esteem. A gluteoplasty, or buttock lift, can help by removing that excess skin and fat and provide a smoother, tighter appearance without adding volume.

For those patients who would like to add size and roundness to the buttock area, they may require a fat transfer or implants in addition to the buttock lift.

Tummy Tuck

Men and women can have a protruding abdomen as a result of aging, weight change, or previous abdominal surgery. Women who have been pregnant may also experience saggy, stretched and loose skin. Dr. Christopher Davidson can help enhance your physical appearance and reclaim a thinner and more toned body by removing excess fat and skin from the abdominal area while tightening abdominal muscles.

A tummy tuck (or abdominoplasty) is best suited for anyone who desires a firm and flat stomach, but has been unable to eliminate a protruding abdomen with exercise and diet.