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Cosmetic Surgeon Louisville Kentucky

Cosmetic Surgeon Louisville

For more than a decade, Dr. Juan Quintero has specialized in plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery for adults and children.

Skilled in the art and medical techniques of cosmetic surgery, he has been recognized as a talented surgeon in the medical community and by his patients around Louisville, KY.

Dr. Quintero believes every patient deserves an experience as unique as they are. Experienced with body, face and reconstructive procedures, he makes every effort to ensure your comfort and knowledge about your desired procedure. He understands that cosmetic surgery is more than enhancing your looks, but also enhancing your lifestyle.

Breast Procedures:

For more than 10 years, Dr. Quintero has been performing cosmetic breast surgery. Whether a woman desires fuller breasts, or having her breast size reduced for medical reasons.

Body Procedures:

Men and women choose Dr. Quintero for their cosmetic body enhancements; from body-sculpting to intimate rejuvenation.

Facial Procedures:

Experienced in plastic and reconstructive surgery; Dr. Quintero offers a large variety of facial cosmetic enhancement.

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