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Welcome to the Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery Associates of Connecticut, and Dr. Mark Melendez.

For many women and men across Connecticut, choosing cosmetic surgery or needing to have reconstructive surgery is a highly personal decision. Since cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery affects both the patient’s emotional and physical well-being , Dr. Melendez feels it’s essential to truly understand his patients; from their medical history to their overall lifestyle.

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A fellowship-trained plastic surgeon, Dr. Melendez provides a full spectrum of cosmetic and plastic surgical procedures.

He is fully-bilingual, Spanish-speaking, and devoted to providing the highest quality of personalized and holistic medical care to his patients.

Dr. Melendez has two offices, conveniently located in Fairfield and Shelton, Connecticut; in addition to having staff privileges at Greenwich Hospital, Norwalk Hospital, Griffin Hospital, Milford Hospital, St. Vincent’s Medical Center, St. Raphael’s Hospital, and Yale-New Haven Hospital.

Abdominoplasty / Tummy tuck

Abdominoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure designed to flatten a person’s abdomen by removing excess fat and skin, while tightening the abdominal muscles. Many patients choose to have a tummy tuck due to the inability to lose weight in this area, after weight loss when excess and saggy skin remains, or post-pregnancy for women.

Dr. Melendez offers both standard and mini-abdominoplasty. A standard abdominoplasty (full tummy tuck) is a procedure in which the plastic surgeon places the incision in the “bikini line” area and excess skin and fat are removed, in addition to addressing the underlying muscles. A mini-abdominoplasty focuses on one part of the abdomen, requires a much smaller incision and usually does not address the abdominal muscles.


Liposuction, performed on both men and women, is a cosmetic surgery technique used to remove fatty deposits from different areas of the body; abdomen, thighs, hips or arms, in order to improve body shape and contour. When a patient is unable to lose weight or excess fat on their own, liposuction is a good solution and is often performed with other reduction or lifting procedures.

Dr. Melendez begins the procedure by making very small incisions in the area where the liposuction is going to be done and inserts a small, thin metal tube called a cannula. The cannula breaks up and vacuums away the excess fat deposits beneath the skin.

Buttock lift

A buttock lift raises and tightens the skin over the buttocks. It is designed to improve or remove excess, sagging buttocks and thigh skin that has resulted from weight loss, gravity, aging, or genetics. Many men and women will elect other cosmetic enhancements, such as liposuction to be performed simultaneously.

Breast augmentation

For many women, having children, losing weight, or a combination of other factors, can result in the reduction in breast volume. A breast augmentation is a common solution to reshaping or re-sizing the breasts to create symmetry and increase breast fullness. Breast augmentation procedures, like reconstruction techniques, have advanced and are a much less invasive procedure than it has been previously. Some women elect to have a breast lift or liposuction, simultaneously, in order to achieve the best results.