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At present, hormonal changes and the passage of time can worsen the appearance of the female breast. More and more women seek breast augmentation surgery through a board certified plastic surgeon to give a boost to their figure and enhance the size of their breasts.

Breast Augmentation Procedure

The procedure is done by inserting a breast implant behind each breast or above the chest muscle. There are several ways to breast implants and they are designed in various materials, but the materials that are most commonly used are saline and silicone implants in a drop or round shape.

Another alternative for those who are interested in a moderate increase in breast size (half cup more, for example) is the injection of fat; the method is used to fill inconspicuous irregularities between the breasts as well as after a breast augmentation surgery using implants.

Breast surgery is a procedure that requires an advanced technique of operation from the surgeon. The main objective is to bring a natural appearance to the body of the patient, so it is vital that you are attended by medical experts and certified plastic surgeons with the proper expertise and credentials.

Breast lift Operation

In some cases, some plastic surgeons may recommend breast augmentation surgery in conjunction with a breast lift. This is usually called for in cases where the patient has sagging breasts or improper location of the breasts due to age or other physical factors.

During this procedure the surgeon removes some of the tissue, the skin is stretched and raised while the implant is inserted.

After the Breast Augmentation Operation

The breast tissue will be stretched and separated, because breast implants are inserted through an incision. The breasts will be bruised and sore, and swelling lasting for several days. In some cases, severe pain may occur, but this can be dealt with pain medication that your plastic surgeon should tell you more about prior to your breast implant operation. Almost always your plastic surgeon recommends using a sports bra during the recovery.

During the recovery, avoid putting too much pressure on your breasts by sleeping on your back and avoid lifting heavy objects or lifting your arms up above your shoulders. You can return to your normal activities within a few weeks. Keep in mind that the feeling in your nipples may be reduced temporarily, if you decide to have children later, breast surgery does not always interfere with breastfeeding.

Do not forget to always choose a good plastic surgery clinic for your cosmetic breast surgery- as well as certification, education and experience background from their doctors.

If you seek a Breast Augmentation in Orlando, as with any cosmetic surgery procedure, it is recommended to seek the advice of a professionally trained and experienced surgeon. Information provided is for general education about cosmetic surgery procedures only. does not guarantee that it is accurate or complete, and is not responsible for any actions resulting from the use of this information.


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Breast Augmentation
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