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Nose Reshaping Surgery Newark, NJ

Rhinoplasty (also known as nose job or nose reshaping surgery) is one of the most requested procedures next to buttocks and breast augmentation in Newark New Jersey. The nose reshaping surgery is usually requested for cosmetic purposes; to altar the nose profile, make it smaller, make it larger, reshape the nostrils, to eliminate little divots, bumps and humps, and add symmetry. It is also used to repair nasal malformations due to birth defects and help alleviate breathing problems due to injury or deviated septum or injury.

Like all plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures, rhinoplasty does come with risks for complications. As a patient in Newark New Jersey, you should determine if you can accept the risks when considering a nose reshaping surgery:

Increased infection or Bleeding

It is common to see a little blood after rhinoplasty surgery; however you should report excessive bleeding to your Newark plastic surgeon immediately. In some situations, a patient may need additional treatments to reduce the blood that has built up under the skin to prevent scarring. Infections can compromise a persons' health and could result in hospitalization if not treated immediately with antibiotics.

Nose Surgery Scars

Anytime you have a cosmetic surgery procedure, there is the potential for scarring. Your Newark plastic surgeon tries to position the incisions in such a way that any scars remain invisible. If scars become visible due to complications from the nasal surgery or from the stitches, additional scar revision procedures may be necessary.

Excessive swelling

It is very normal for the nasal area to be swollen following rhinoplasty. Some patients report the swelling to be reduced within a few weeks, though in some cases, patients report swelling for several months to a year. Everybody is different with how quickly they heal and it is always better to let nature take its course, avoiding steroid injections (which are sometimes used to reduce swelling), as these can cause worse side effects than the actual swelling itself.

Undesired cosmetic results

There are more severe complications that can result from rhinoplasty and not choosing your plastic surgeon wisely: skin discoloration, asymmetry of the nose (where the two sides of the nose do not match), extreme sensitivity, loss of feeling in the surrounding nasal tissue, too much tissue removed, and fluid buildup under the skin.

The cost for rhinoplasty can vary, but it is important to choose your Newark New Jersey plastic surgeon based on skill and experience, not on price alone. In situations of unacceptable results from complications, it is essential you talk with your plastic surgeon about a plan to correct the problem.

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