Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgery Tampa Florida

Breast augmentation has quickly risen to be one of the most requested cosmetic procedures in Tampa as well as the world, along with liposuction, tummy tucks and rhinoplasty (or nose jobs). Increases in medical technology and advancement have made breast augmentation much safer and with very few long lasting complications as were once associated with this procedure.

The reasons a woman would choose to have breast implant surgery are as numerous as there are women and each reason is personal to them. For some, perhaps they are flat chested and want to feel more womanly. Others perhaps have had children and find their breasts has become loose and saggy and want to restore the youthful fullness to their breasts. Others still find that age and gravity have simply pulled their breasts down and want an augmentation to help lift them back up.

Here are the top 5 reasons why women in Tampa are choosing to have breast augmentation:

To increase their breast size

TV and the internet are constantly exposing women to images of models and actresses with round, full breasts making those women with little or no breast tissue feel as if they are not womanly. So for purposes of self-esteem and overall self confidence, these women are turning to breast augmentation to give them a more flattering and fuller bust line.

Uneven breast tissue

It is very normal for a woman's breasts to be slightly uneven. This unevenness is hardly noticeable in most people, however there are some women whose breast sizes vary a full cup size or more between the two breasts and is a great source of embarrassment, especially at the beach. A plastic surgeon can determine which size breast implants to use to correct the mismatched breasts and create a more even, full look.

Pregnancy and childbirth

Pregnancy does more than stretch out your tummy, it also stretches out breast tissue during the course of the pregnancy and when the milk arrives. This can leave the breasts very loose and saggy, especially after multiple pregnancies. Depending on the amount of breast tissue and the size of a woman's breasts, some Tampa plastic surgeons may decide a breast lift is the best fit as there is plenty of tissue to create a full breast; it just needs to be lifted. For others, a combination breast lift combined with augmentation is the best method for achieving a youthful and flattering bust line.

Weight loss

Like pregnancy, excessive weight loss of 30 pounds or more can leave your breasts droopy and saggy. You have worked so hard to regain a slim physique, but are now insecure about your breasts. Breast augmentation either by itself or with a breast lift may be the perfect solution.

Breast reconstruction

Breast cancer after it has been removed can do more damage psychologically than it did physically, especially when a woman has had one or both breast removed. It used to be that reconstruction after breast cancer was difficult as doctors typically did not leave enough skin to effectively place implants underneath. More surgeons are aware of this and remove the cancerous breast tissue while at the same time leaving enough healthy skin making breast reconstruction possible.