Hispanic Marketing for Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgeon Trends

*Google Trends for the keyword: "Cirujano Plastico" (Plastic Surgeon) in the U.S.

U.S. Hispanics are one step ahead when it comes to digital technology. They are one of the most avid smartphone users around. But despite the data, these consumers are greatly underserved.

  • A recent Nielsen study shows that 60% of Spanish-speaking U.S. Hispanic consumers agree that there is a lack of Spanish digital content.
  • According to Google, 56% of offline Hispanics cite a lack of Spanish content.
  • According to Facebook, 42% of Hispanics use Facebook in both languages, 40% use Spanish while the remaining 17% use primarily English.
  • There is ample and clear opportunity to reach U.S. Hispanics through valuable content delivered on digital channels.

    Hispanic Marketing Cosmetic Surgery

    Since 2007 CirugiaEsteticaPlastica.net has been connecting thousands of Spanish-speaking and Bilingual patients with Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeons.

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