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    The internet is making it easier to find and research a cosmetic surgeon in your area who has a successful history performing combination procedures. Often times, initial consultations are free, or charge a very small fee that can later be applied to your surgery.

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    The doctors who advertise on CirugiaEstaeticaPlastica will either speak to you in Spanish or has an office translator on staff who can speak Spanish, to help you understand all the details of the procedures and associated costs. He or she will evaluate your medical history and current health and, together, you and your doctor can make a plan together for your particular body shaping goals.

    Combining Cosmetic Surgery Procedures for the Ultimate Body Makeover

    With medical advancements and less invasive technology, the scope of cosmetic surgery has changed. It used to be that patients and doctors, alike only focused on one enhancing procedure at a time; only breast augmentation, only thigh lift, for example. This was fine, but it left the areas surrounding the one procedure uncomplimentary to the work done. Now, doctors are keeping your whole body in mind and work every angle to get it just the way you want it.

    This means having a couple of procedures done at once for total control in body shaping. It sounds like a bit much, but each procedure is done on a smaller scale than usual – a little liposuction, some tissue lifting here and there, and maybe a breast touch-up. The idea is to work on total body contouring.

    The benefits to combining cosmetic surgery procedures:

    The Cost:

    While the cost for the individual procedures may remain the same, or in some cases, a doctor may offer a slight discount, it is the additional costs and fees where a patient can save money. Hospital fees, anesthesiologist fees, doctor fees; these extra fees can add up. By combining procedures, a person only has to pay the fees one time.

    Reduced healing time:

    While healing from multiple procedures may take a little longer than healing from just one, a patient only has to do it once. If a woman considers both her breasts and her abdomen to be “trouble spots”, it used to be that she would have one procedure and heal for several weeks and have the other procedure and heal for several weeks. By combining the procedure into a “Mommy Makeover”, she only has to recover for the first several weeks and resume her life as normal with her cosmetic goals complete.

    The Results:

    After extreme weight loss, a patient is typically left with a lot of loose and saggy skin. He or she would have to endure one procedure after another to eliminate the excess skin; upper thigh lift, back lift, tummy tuck, arm lift, neck lift, breast lift. Sometimes it would take years to complete all the individual lifts of each body section leaving a person very unbalanced and disproportionate. By combining procedures into a body lift, larger section of excess skin could be addressed helping a person reach their cosmetic goals quicker.

    The Most Popular Combination Plastic Surgeries

    Most Popular Plastic Surgeries

    Mommy Makeover

    – After pregnancy, the effects on a woman’s body can be substantial. Excess fat around the back and hips, loose and stretched abdominal skin and breasts left saggy and droopy from nursing. When women have recovered as much as they’re going to through diet and exercise, a mommy makeover may be a good solution to get their body back in shape. A mommy Makeover usually involves a tummy tuck, liposuction along the hips and other trouble spots and breast enhancement, often breast reduction or breast lift. The Mommy Makeover targets the belly, breasts and other areas of accumulated fat which are always a problem for new mothers.


    – This plastic surgery procedure is basically abdominoplasty and liposuction combined. The advantage to getting these done in combination is that the doctor can use liposuction to get rid of that pesky fat tissue that is not typically addressed by a tummy tuck, such as love handles, excess chest tissue and back fat. This makes the operation go more smoothly and also makes recovery time quicker. It’s so effective that even men are having this body-sculpting procedure done.

    Body Lift

    – The Body Lift raises and removes excess skin from all over the body, including stomach area, buttocks, upper thighs, arms, breasts and anywhere else you and your cosmetic surgeon determine to have excess tissue. This is total body sculpting, fitting your body’s tissue closer to the muscle to get rid of sagginess and droopiness. It’s excellent for those who have just lost a lot of weight through either pregnancy, dieting or bariatric surgery. It’s also good for those whose bodies are starting to sag with age. The Body Lift is effective because it’s a totally individualized program created by you and your doctor.

    Brazilian Butt Lift

    – Brazilian Butt Lift sounds like one procedure, but it actually combines two procedures; liposuction and augmentation of the buttocks. This procedure is typically performed in two parts; first your doctor will use liposuction to remove excess fat from areas around the body like love handles, stomach, chest and thighs, leaving them better sculpted. Next, after the fat has been purified, your doctor will then inject the fat into your buttocks at varying amounts and depths to give an overall rounded and symmetric backside.

    “Natural” Breast Augmentation

    - Like Brazilian Butt Lift, this procedure utilizes liposuction of excess fat and augmentation of the breasts. This cosmetic procedure is gaining more in popularity among women who do not like the look and feel, or the idea of foreign objects surgically implanted in their bodies. The end result for many is a more sculpted body with enhanced breasts and that look and feel like “natural” breasts.

    Are Combination Procedures Safe?

    Combination cosmetic surgery is a new trend in the cosmetic world. Not every plastic surgeon feels comfortable combining procedures, but the number is growing. Of course, all combination surgery is done in line with medical regulations to ensure that it is safe.

    This is because each one is done at a much lower level. For example, if you get a lipoabdominoplasty, you get a slight tummy tuck and a slight liposuction. Lipoabdominoplasty is actually safer than either of the individual procedures, and has a faster recovery time.

    Combination plastic surgery is not only safe, but also effective. The idea is to balance the entire body, rather than work intensively on one trouble spot. It is excellent for people who want to get their body into its best overall shape. Why not have the body you’ve been wanting?

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