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  • Plastic Surgery in Guadalajara, Mexico

    Guadalajara Plastic Surgery

    Rising costs for plastic surgery and longer wait times for quality cosmetic surgeons in the United States has resulted in a surprising increase in patients seeking cosmetic surgery procedures and treatments in Mexico.

    Whether you’re seeking a body procedure such as breast implants, buttock lift, liposuction or facial procedure such as a nose surgery, eyelid lift or any non-surgical skin care treatment; you can be certain to find highly reputable and world renowned surgeons in Mexico.

    Cosmetic Surgery Clinics

    There are cosmetic surgery clinics in Guadalajara that cater to American travelers and are able to provide the highest quality of healthcare service as well as amazing cosmetic results.

    It is however important and highly recommended to do a little of homework and investigate the doctor’s credentials, training and experience before selecting one. More doctors nowadays are offering virtual consultations before making your trip.

    Fully equipped hospital and accredited surgery clinics often provide:

    Reasons international patients choose English-speaking plastic surgeons in Guadalajara:

    Safety: Board-certification in Guadalajara


    There are some English-speaking plastic surgeons in Guadalajara that have been trained in the United States and that are board certified by IASPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons).

    Being a member of this international society of plastic surgeons, these doctors are held to higher standard of certifications, licenses, recommendations, reputation, patient satisfaction, local medical board affiliations, and accredited clinics and hospitals.

    Privacy: Protecting Patient Privacy

    Plastic surgeons in Guadalajara who speak English understand the importance of privacy for their American patients. When researching a cosmetic procedure, you want to find a healthcare clinic that is complaint with both US and Mexico regulations for privacy including HIPAA (the United States Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).

    Price: Cost Savings


    Patients who have received cosmetic surgery in Guadalajara have reported saving Save 40% to 70% for cosmetic procedures like Breast Augmentation, “Mommy Makeover”, Tummy Tuck, Liposuction, Face Lift and Bichectomy.

    Security: Peace-of-mind Safety

    Many American-certified plastic surgeons in Guadalajara focus on safety by ensuring patients stay and recover in high-volume tourism areas that are considered safe zones and well protected by Mexican authorities.

    Full Service Medical Tourism

    Most Guadalajara plastic surgeons who provide cosmetic surgery vacations offer a wide range of packages and services that make the medical travel experience effortless and comfortable; from cosmetic surgery in an accredited medical facility to recovering in comfort and style.