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Since 2001, plastic surgeon Dr. Troy Andreasen has been in private practice in the greater Inland Empire marketplace. Having developed into one of the leading plastic surgery practices in Southern California, he remains committed to giving his patients the highest quality of care and personal attention.

Whether cosmetic surgery or more complex reconstructive procedures, Dr. Andreasen provides complete surgical care at several hospitals and surgery centers throughout Riverside and the Inland Empire.

Brazilian Butt Lift / Buttock Fat Grafting

For those men and women desiring a more sculpted and lean body while at the same time adding volume to their backside, can find great results with Brazilian Butt Lift. Utilizing liposuction to sculpt a slimmer waist and back area (or anywhere there is a surplus of fat), the fat is then injected into the buttocks creating a more round and shapely appearance.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Andreasen will determine where the best areas to remove the fat and how much fat can be successfully injected into the buttocks. Success of the procedure is determined largely by available fat and skin quality.

Tummy Tuck /Abdominoplasty

For those patients who have loose and stretched abdominal skin, whether caused by extreme weight loss or childbirth, a tummy tuck may be an excellent solution to creating a firmer and flatter body contour. While some patients only require a mini-tummy tuck to address the exterior skin, other patients require a full or traditional abdominoplasty to address the exterior skin and fat, and also tighten the muscles along the interior wall.

During your initial consultation with Dr. Andreasen, he will assess the amount of work required to result in a more flattering physique and can also discuss a combination of procedures to further enhance your results. Tummy tucks are often performed with additional cosmetic procedures such as: liposuction, breast augmentation or breast lift.

Breast Augmentation

For many years, Dr. Andreasen has been performing breast enhancement procedures such as breast augmentation, breast lift and breast reduction in the Inland Empire / San Bernardino County area. He understands that superior results do not come from simply placing a breast implant and hoping it looks good. There are many factors that determine a successful breast enhancement procedure: the type, shape and size of the breast implant, incision location, your body style and even your lifestyle.

During your consultation, Dr. Andreasen will assess your body type and discuss with you all options available so that together you can make the best choice for your breast enhancement procedure.